Save the date: on 23 February, feldfünf will host the vernissage of the Streit:Raum exhibition, a week-long discussion between graduates of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences and experts on the topic of dispute culture and architecture.

The goal of democracy must be to ask how we deal with dissent, how we organise it, how we can create institutions that enable us to live together without going to war with each other. ~ Chantal Mouffe

Parliaments are reserved for politicians, the kitchen table is used for private disputes and civic participation is improvised in the community hall. Where and how can we actually have a good argument? How can we make room for disputes?
We explore how the design of spaces can constructively encourage verbal debate, how public spaces and institutions can promote collaborative and informed controversy – not polarising, but building bridges.

We are inviting a wide variety of experts to feldfünf to exchange ideas about the culture of debate and architecture, to discuss and also to explore the question of whether there is an institutional gap here. We show hypothetical building designs for Streit:Räume and their development process, based on final theses at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences.
We are delighted that Dana Caspersen (author, choreographer and conflict specialist), Veronika Brugger (architect and mediator), Endboss Hannover, Haus der Architektur Köln, Construct Lab, Dr Urte Evert (curator Zitadelle Spandau), Museum für Kommunikation Berlin, Albert Weil (conflict mediator), Prof. Riklef Rambow (architectural psychologist), and Raamwerk Kassel are taking part.
The event is organised by Paula Mainka (B.Arch.), Ben Bittmann (B.Arch.), Marie Weil (B.Arch.) and Günter Barczik (Prof.Dipl.Ing.Arch.) in cooperation with feldfuenf.

Duration: 24 February – 1 March 2024, daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Finissage: 01.03.2024, 6 pm

Location: feldfünf project rooms in the Metropolenhaus
Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 7-8
10969 Berlin