PERFORMANCE: Encounter with Another Camille

12.11.20 | 19:00 20:00 | | Veranstaltung

Hypnotic Tour im Rahmen von Who Cares? | Feminist Art Festival | iCollective e.V.

Encounter with Another Camille
Hypnotic Tour by Valeria Schwarz

Date: Thu, 12.11.2020, 7 pm

Free entrance / Binding registration required:

In her futurist fiction The Camille Stories: Children of the Compost Donna Haraway reimagines the life of five generation of symbiotic children living, flourishing and reinventing abundance in a damaged world. Haraway understands The Camille Stories as a work, ludic model and invites readers to extend her writings. Unable to resist this invitation, Valeria Schwarz speculates about meeting another Camille in a different timescape. To encounter this Camille you just need to cover your eyes and allow you to fall in a state of trance, guided by the professional hypnotherapist Katharina Auer.